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Welcome to Philip Security


Philip Security Limited was established in 2005 initially as a result of the Private Security industry Act 2001 which significantly altered the security industry landscape. Philip Security sensed an opportunity to move away from traditional security companies and be a more customer-service oriented security provider.

Since then we experienced steady growth and rapidly built up a solid reputation within the security industry. This is why clients in the Retail/Corporate, Event & Leisure and VIP security sectors are happy to grow their businesses with us and are consistently satisfied with our friendly, personal style and customised, efficient processes.

At Philip Security we strongly believe in meeting and exceeding client expectations by offering bespoke solutions and nurturing a mutually beneficial long term relationship. This is reflected in our modern approach of risk-based analyses of all our clients. Rigorous quality standards are provided for all operatives, selective matching to ensure that operative and client satisfaction is met and attained, thus proactively adding value by supporting your image or brand and supporting all of this with innovative technology.


With this mindset and in these ways, focusing on more than just the security aspects has allowed us to go from strength to strength and ensure that Philip Security is 'The Modern Face of Security' at the forefront of the industry.

Core Value

By understanding our client’s, and utilising our knowledge, we are able to drive superior performance through the latest innovations. Philip Security focuses on understanding the client and delivering the highest level of service. We constantly strive to deliver an innovative modern service tailored for each client’s specific needs.

Attracting, employing and developing the best people through modern practises, enables us to use our knowledge to develop solutions to suit every eventuality you may have. Openness, honesty and operating to the group's ethical standards underpin every element of Philip Security. This is the "glue" that binds Philip Security together, we strive to create the best solutions and to deliver on our promise.

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